Conference Program

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Thursday, November 13

8:30 – 10:00 am | Registration and Breakfast | Room 5409





Session A
10:00 – 11:30 am

Theater for Action

Fascism, Empire, Rome

Remains of Troy

Session B
11:45 – 1:15 pm

Romance and Ruin

Early Modern Spaces of Emotion

Poetry’s Landscape

Sites of Memory

1:15 – 2:30 pm | Lunch Break

Session C
2:30 – 4:00 pm

Maps and Metaphors After Modernism

The Body and the City

The Beauty of Rome

New York Cities

Session D
4:15 – 5:45 pm

Digital Space

Monumental Projects

Poetics of St. Petersburg

Tales of Two Cities

6:00 – 7:30 pm

Room C204-205

Elaine Scarry
(Harvard University)

The Making and Breaking of Cities

 7:30 pm

Reception in Room 4116


Friday, November 14

9:00 – 10:00 am | Registration and Breakfast | Room 5414

10:00 – 11:30 am

Skylight Room (9th floor)

Rosanna Warren
(University of Chicago)

London-Paris-New York: Three Modern Lyrics

11:30 – 12:30 pm |  Light Refreshments Room 5414





Session E
12:30 – 2:00 pm

Imagining Istanbul

Disruption and Recomposition

Viable Utopias

Writing the Maghreb

Session F
2:15 – 3:45 pm

Paris: Hugo, Balzac, Lacan

Translating Cities

Visible and Unseen

Ancient Cities: Petra, Athens, Rome

Session G
4:00 – 5:30 pm

Fragments and Rhythm

Urban Disinterest

Affective Geography in Virginia Woolf

6:00 – 7:00 pm

Room 9205

André Aciman
(The Graduate Center, CUNY)

Closing Remarks

7:00 pm

Reception in Room 4116


Session A

Panel A1 / Room 8301
Moderator: Professor Marvin Carlson

Theater for Action

Elizabeth Moe (Rutgers University)
Una solidaridad subversive: Street art and festival celebrating the damnificados of Mexico City’s 1985 earthquake

Katherine Payne (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
Theater of the Distressed City: A Case Study of Beckett’s Waiting for Godot

Meg Alvarado Saggese (UC Berkeley)
The Sound and Sight of Silence


Panel A2 / Room 8304
Moderator: Professor Mary Gibson

Fascism, Empire, Rome

Gianna Albaum (New York University)
Africa Romana: Fascist Manifestations of “Terza Roma” in Colonial North Africa

Robert Corban (Syracuse University)
Concrete Ideas: Monuments, Culture and Political Religion in Fascist Parma, 1922-1928

Ole Hinz (Yale University)
How to Write an Empire? Rome’s Metamorphosis in C. Ransmayr’s Last World


Panel A3 / Room 8400
Moderator: Professor Adele Haft

Remains of Troy

Kiernan Acquisto-Axeloons (University of Delaware)
How Was Troy Divorced from the Orient? Schliemann’s Excavations and Their Aftermath

Yukai Li (Yale University)
The Destructions of Troy

Vanessa Loh (Temple University)
A Second Troy: Revision and Impossible Reversal in Yeats’ “Leda and the Swan”


Session B

Panel B1 / Room 8301
Moderator: Professor Patricia Laurence

Romance and Ruin

Daniel Nutters (Temple University)
Rupert Birkin Among the Ruins: Robert Browning and D.H. Lawrence

Miller Oberman (University of Connecticut)
Translating the Ruin[ed] City

Elizabeth Porter (Fordham University)
Navigating Space and the Self in Roxana’s London


Panel B2 / Room 8304
Moderator: Professor Monica Calabritto

Early Modern Spaces of Emotion

Kathryn Swanton (University of Chicago)
Repeated Forgiveness as a Sign of Division between the Private and the Public Self in The Tempest and La Estrella de Sevilla

Kirsten Noelle Mendoza (Vanderbilt University)
“Thou maiest inforce my body but not mee”: Masochistic Pleasure of the Bounded Subject in John Marston’s The Wonder of Women or  The Tragedy of Sophonisba

Luisanna Sardu (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
De-foresting Nature in Early Modern Psychological Romance: Giulia Bigolina’s Reworking of Classical Natural Spaces


Panel B3 / Room 8400
Moderator: Professor Vincent Crapanzano

Poetry’s Landscape

Marvin Campbell (University of Virginia)
Key West and American Poetics: The Capital of the Global South Atlantic in Hart Crane’s The Bridge and Derek Walcott’s Omeros

Davy Knittle (University of Iowa)
A Microcosm: The Imagined Urban Landscape of Leslie Scalapino’s that they were at the beach

Jasmine Vasandani (Parsons, The New School)
Navigating Imaginary Cities Through Public Transportation in the Poems of Agha Shahid Ali


Panel B4 / 8402
Moderator: Fabio Battista, PhD Candidate

Sites of Memory

Iván Andrés Espinosa Orozco (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
The Grotesque as a Motif in the Design of Latin American Cities: Mario Mendoza’s Scorpio City

Andrey Korovin (Moscow State Pedagogical University)
The Concept of Locus in Karen Blixen’s Tale “The Roads Round Pisa”

Dana Francisco Miranda (The University of Connecticut)
“Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes”: The Loss on Bunker Hill


Session C

Panel C1 / Room 8301
Moderator: Professor Mary Ann Caws

Maps and Metaphors After Modernism

Caitlin Woolsey (Yale University)
To Pass from Language to Life: Mapping Tactics of Détournement from Lettrist Poetics to the Situationist City

Zoë Slutzky (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
Empty Center, Shifting Frame: The Elevator as Metaphor for Postmodernism

Charlotte Kent (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
A Force Illegible: The City and the Imagination in Charles Simic’s Dime Store Alechemy: The Art of Joseph Cornell

Seo Hee Im (Yale University)
The Well and the Warren

Panel C2 / Room 8304
Moderator: Nora Carr, PhD Candidate

The Body and the City

Erin McElroy (UC Santa Cruz)
Queering the Stage of San Francisco’s Eviction Epidemic

Jason Rhys Parry (Binghamton, SUNY)
Skeleton Cities, Thinking the Urban Virtual

Raj Patel (University of Pennsylvania)
Economic science and the construction of utopia and dystopia in the city


Panel C3 / Room 8400
Moderator: Professor Giancarlo Lombardi

The Beauty of Rome

Matthew Gasda (Lehigh University)
Pattern Languages in Fellini and Sorrentino

Sarah Atkinson (University of Chicago)
Un vecchio trucco? Visualizing Experience and Objectifying Expression in La grande bellezza

Allison Hadley (Yale University)
Open Spaces, Closed Spaces: Rome as Manifestation of Alienation in La Grande Bellezza


Panel C4 / 8402
Moderator: Professor Martin Elsky

New York Cities

ChrisM Jones (Brooklyn College, CUNY)
Civic Insignia, Hierophany of the Abiding City

Alexander Manevitz (New York University)
Remembering Seneca Village as an Urban Alternative

Huma Mohibullah (University of British Columbia)
Before it was Ground Zero, it was Little Syria: Establishing Arab Legacies in Lower Manhattan

Nicholas Grosso (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
The City Meditations: On Urban Spaces and Public Spheres


Session D

Panel D1 / Room 8301
Moderator: Erin Glass, Digital Humanities Fellow

Digital Space

Francisco Laucirica & Jason R. Young (McGill University)
Mapping Early Modern Lima: Cities as Theaters of Convention

Ali Pearl (University of Southern California)
The Politics of Archiving the Street

Jedd Hakimi (University of Pittsburgh)
Visualizing Urban Dystopia, The Legacy of Architecture Modernism in Film and Video Games


Panel D2 / Room 8304
Moderator: Professor Maxime Blanchard

Monumental Projects

Miguel Caballero (Princeton University)
“Lazarus, Rise!” André Malraux in Brasilia

Diviani Chaudhuri (Binghamton, SUNY)
Abiding Cities in early South Asian Muslim women’s writing: hauntologies of Lahore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Lucknow

Deena Dinat (University of British Columbia)
The Monumental Impulse: Johannesburg and Transience


Panel D3 / Room 8400
Moderator: Professor Elizabeth Beaujour

Poetics of St. Petersburg

Vedran Catovic (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor)
The (Un)Happy Prospects: Saint Petersburg of Nikolai Gogol’s Short Stories

Inna Kapilevich (Columbia University)
Waiting to Collide: Absences and Moments of Existential Crisis in Zoshchenko’s “Absence of Malice” and Dostoevsky “Notes from the Underground”

Keith Walmsley (University of St. Andrews)
The Poetics of St Petersburg in Dostoevskiis Crime and Punishment


Panel D4 / 8402
Moderator: Ashna Ali, PhD Candidate

Tales of Two Cities

Nicole Berland (University of North Carolina)
Tower Babies: Reading and Writing the City of Prague

Calin Murgu (McGill University)
Imagining Victorian Dublin: Tourist Publications, Mediation, and the Emplacement of a City’s “Collective Memory”

James Robertson (New York University)
Sublimating History: Yugoslav Cities and Socialist Subjectivity


Session E

Panel E1 / Room 8301
Moderator: Professor Anna Akasoy

Imagining Istanbul

Pelin Kivrak (Yale University)
Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence as a Territory of Cultural and Individual Memory

Elvan Julia Sayarer (Université de Montréal)
Reimagining the City in Orhan Pamuk’s İstanbul. Hatıralar ve Şehir [Istanbul. Memories and the City]

Hale Sirin (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
Istanbul and the Artist: Historical Memory and the Fragmentation of the Cityscape


Panel E2 / Room 8304
Moderator: Professor Bettina Lerner

Disruption and Recomposition

Paolo Pellecchia (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
Reassembling Residue: Benjamin on Translation

Sean Theodora O’Hanlan (Stanford University)
The “Undersea World of the Arcades”: Walter Benjamin’s Paris sous-marine

Moira Weigel (Yale University)
Zoopraxiscopes and the city symphonies: Kafka, Benjamin, and “Realism”


Panel E3 / Room 8400
Moderator: Professor David Hoffman

Viable Utopias

Ryan James Hughes (UC Los Angeles)
Eroding Utopia: Patrick Chamoiseau’s Fort-de-France and the Absence of Blochian Hope

Cody Jones (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
The Colonization of Rust: Antinomies of the (Speculative) City in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy

Kristin Miller (UC Santa Cruz)
Postcards from the Future


Panel E4 / 8402
Moderator: Professor Jonathan Shannon

Writing the Maghreb

Anouar El Younssi (Pennsylvania State University)
Tangier: An Abiding Literary-Space

Joan Listernick (Boston College)
Spatial Dynamics in Benchemsi’s Marrakech, lumière d’exil

Michelle Weitzel (The New School)
The Shape of the Kasbah: Countermemories and Violence in Algiers


Session F

Panel F1 / Room 8301
Moderator: Professor Bettina Lerner

Paris: Hugo, Balzac, Lacan

Katherine Ayers (Purdue University)
Re-enactment or Revival? Memory and the Image of Revolutionary Paris in 1944

Colin Foss (Yale University)
Reading the Revolution: Victor Hugo’s Les Chatiments during the Siege of Paris 1870-1871

Lauren Pendas (Louisiana State University)
Betting on Paris: Balzac and Lacan on Cities as Idealized Signifiers


Panel F2 / Room 8304
Moderator: Professor Paul Oppenheimer

Translating Cities

Elias Kleinbock (Pierrepont School, B.A. Yale University)
Text and Creation in the Urban Avant-Garde: Reading Gabriel Pomerand’s Saint-Ghetto-des-Prêts

Dan Poston (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
Rome-ing the Suburbs: Addison’s Cato and the performance of citizenship to the ideal republic

Jon Rachmani (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
“Amid the Uproar of the Rabblement”: Wordsworth’s Intertextual London


Panel F3 / Room 8400
Moderator: Professor Paolo Fasoli

Visible and Unseen

Samarjit Ghosh (University of Minnesota)
Imagining [In]security: Seeing Catastrophe and “Unseeing” Violence in Mumbai

Matthew Gannon & Wilson Taylor (Independent Scholars)
Poetry After Dresden: Dream Cities, Destruction, and Fiction as Divine Violence

Natalie Pellolio (Stanford University)
The Portals of the Past: Photography and Utopia in the Aftermath of the 1906 Earthquake


Panel F4 / 8402
Moderator: Professor John Van Sickle

Ancient Cities: Petra, Athens, Rome

Anna Accettola (UC Los Angeles)
Petra: Ancient and Modern Images, Public and Private Spaces

Miruna Barnoschi (University of Virginia)
Conflict, War, Peace, and Flourishing in the City of Magnesia: Plato on Political Realism and Political Eudaimonism in The Laws

Garrett Ryan (University of Michigan)
Rebuilding Athens


Session G

Panel G1 / Room 8301
Moderator: Professor Lía Schwartz

Fragments and Rhythm

Sareh Afshar (New York University)
Reflective Rhythms, Reluctant Realities: Shifting Tempos & Modified Imaginaries in Rakhshan Bani-Etemad’s Underneath the City’s Skin

Adelaide Kuehn (UC Los Angeles)
Alternative Subjectivities in Temps de chien and Verre cassé

Francesca Silva (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
Urban space and sociopolitical malaise in contemporary Chilean poetry


Panel G2 / Room 8304
Moderator: Professor Giancarlo Lombardi

Urban Disinterest

Ian Murray (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
The Urban Taxonomies of Poe’s “The Man of the Crowd”

Lee Brewster Norton (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
The Faces of the City: Godard’s Alphaville as Uncanny Paris

Jordan Schroeder (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Cléo from 5 to 7: Agnès Varda’s Aestheticism


Panel G3 / Room 8400
Moderator: Claire Sommers, PhD Candidate

Affective Geography in Virginia Woolf

Geneviève Barrons (Phillips Andover Academy)
The Geography of Pain: Place and Personhood in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway and Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises

Kate Perillo (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)
The Urban Park and London’s Liminal Spaces: Making Room for Mrs. Dalloway‘s Critique of Empire

Hayley Colange Stefan (University of Connecticut)
“Home is Where the Trouble Starts”: WWI Literature and the Inability to Return


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